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Dec 10, 2020

Can All Attorneys Draft Wills?

Last Will And Testament Concept

If you’re thinking about having a will drafted, you may be wondering if all attorneys can help you through this important process. While it’s not required by law to hire an attorney to prepare your will, it is wise to do so in order to make sure it’s not invalid due to technical mistakes or a failure to meet legal requirements that you weren’t aware of. Read on to learn more about attorneys that do wills.

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Estate Planning Attorneys

In order to ensure that your will holds up in court, you need the expertise of a lawyer who specializes in this area. It’s true that most general family law practitioners may also offer some estate planning services, but, in general, attorneys that do wills are called estate planning attorneys. They’re the real experts.

Why Hire an Estate Planning Attorney

Any time you need to hire a professional, it’s always best to choose someone based on their specialty. For example, there are many doctors, but they each have experience in caring for different systems in the body. The law is like this as well. It’s complex, so it would be impossible to become an authority on every aspect of it. When you’re ready to settle your estate planning, it’s best to call an attorney who has years of experience.

Attorneys That do Wills

Attorneys that do wills can also help your loved ones execute your estate after you’re gone. They draw upon their expertise in the area of estate law to draft solid legal documents, outlining your wishes in a way that leaves no room for interpretation. This is essential because any confusion about a will can cause needless conflict within a family, and even lengthy court battles.

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